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hey you

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Date: Thu, Aug 01, 2013 11:57 PM

Hey you,
you know I love you?
I felt sad but you picked me right up,
Every time I shied away, you said wssup?
Thank you for being brave, being you and being my love,
In painted skies of red, you are the peace, the white dove,

I hope you know that we will find great stuff to fit in,
The house and the rooms that we will be living,
We will find an X-Box, and get a coffee table,
Get Fox soccer and watch Man United on cable,

We will find a couch to lazily fall asleep on,
We will find a gym that doesnt mind us gone,
We will walk on fake venice and have a boat,
Taste meat from beef, to fish to delicious goat,

Trips to Tatami and a new favorite movie place,
San Mateo eateries and wide open space,
Away from hipsters and all their flaws,
Into Ranch 99 and crab claws,

I love you and I cannot wait to be,
More of you and you are of me.

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