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The Arrillaga Belle @stanford.edu

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Date: Fri, Oct 18, 2013 10:54 AM

"The Arrillaga Belle"

There is much more than lean cuisine
that draws me back to that canteen.
For while grilled chicken fills my bowl
‘tis a different bird that feeds my soul.

With nutritious treats picked from the bar,
I’d sit and ponder from afar:
How could I gain some social leverage?
Try to be charming? Refill her beverage?

I went to woo her with a line,
it didn’t work (and I tried three times).
The problem’s pickup prose is too slimy,
I should have more luck if I make it rhymey...

Well: “She plays soccer, I’d call it footy,
but I’ve never witnessed such a beauty.”
And so continues that great saga,
of me and “that hot girl at Arrillaga”.

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