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OFFERING: Anxiety Cunnilingus/BJ WANTED: Anxiety Blowjob OBO @stanford.edu

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Date: Sun, Nov 24, 2013 01:02 PM

Have you ever given that crazy anxiety oral sex? Where you're sucking dick like it's the last chance you'll have to do anything but lab work? Or eaten pussy like it's liquid fucking Xanax? Gotten on your knees and just worked until you were sweaty because maybe, just maybe, someone would appreciate all the hard work you do?

Well, thats just about all I need to do right now and I need to do it to someone who can reciprocate because this is getting way out of control. Waking up with jittery butterflies in your stomach and an immovable stone in your boxers is only okay for so long. I've got an empty house, two swollen balls, and carpet so I don't fuck up my kneecaps.

It's been a long few months. It's been building up, and I think it's damn time to get a bit of relief around here. Email me if you're down.

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