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ARISE is hiring a Chemistry teacher

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Date: Fri, Jul 11, 2014 10:16 AM

ARISE High School is a small charter school in East Oakland, California, focuses on preparing students from low income families to be the first in their families to attend college. We are a small autonomous school founded 7 years ago with the mission to create a pipeline to college for historically underserved students. In addition to a commitment to make each of our graduates college eligible and competitive, we are dedicated to "empowering our selves with the skills, knowledge, and agency to become highly educated, humanizing, and critically conscious intellectual, and reflective leaders in our community".

At ARISE we nurture, train, and discipline our school community to engage in a continuous practice of developing mind, heart, and body towards a vision where we actively rise up. Agency and self-determination drive our struggle to improve our own material and social conditions towards a more healthy, equitable, & just society.

*** For more details on the positions available and our school philosophy please visit our website at

Roles We Need:
*Science Teacher (Chemistry)

Qualifications for ALL Teachers:
The successful candidate will have experience with standards based learning and assessment, portfolio defenses, performance assessments, collaborative curriculum development, and project oriented curriculum planning and instruction. Additional qualifications for ALL teachers include:
- Experience with gradual release direct instruction (i.e. "I do - We do - You do" or 5-part lesson plan -- see Fisher, D., & Frey, N. (2008) as reference) and inquiry based instruction
- Experience in individual and collaborative curriculum development (eg. Understanding by Design by Wiggins & McTighe, 2005)
- Be able to work from an established curriculum, scope, and sequence.
- Experience with assessments for and of learning (Stiggins, Arter, Chappius, & Chappius, 2006), including standards based grading
- Experience with differentiation in curriculum and instruction to support emerging skill sets of students, especially English Language Learners ! Familiarity with the Common Core standards
- Experience or knowledge of how to create and maintain a cohesive, productive, positive, rigorous, and reflective classroom community (i.e. Warm Demander Pedagogy by Franita Ware, 2006)
- Minimum two years of credentialed teaching experience in an urban setting preferred
- Advanced degree in subject-matter content or Education preferred
- Committed to developing the skills and examining the ideologies associated with the "Roots of the ARISE Educator" criteria below.

The Roots of the ARISE Educator are central to what all teachers are expected to develop within themselves in what they teach, how they teach it, how they interact with students, how they approach challenges, and how they improve their own craft. The 4 Roots are as follows:
* Humanizing Love: Develop and nurture the ways that you create and manifest the humanizing conditions to act, interact, and react with your students and colleagues.
* Critical Consciousness & Indignation: Develop and nurture the ways in which you self reflect
and gain critical consciousness of what you teach, why you do it, and how you do it with urgency, purpose, and direction.
* Teacher Intellectuals & Reflective Practitioners: Develop and nurture the practices and urgency to learn from existing literature, research, and other practitioners, while also regularly reflecting on your own practice in order to improve as an educator.
* Hustle, Layer, Flow: Develop and nurture the ways in which you actively support the school's growth by working effectively and productively in alignment with where the school currently is and where it is going.

Go to the ARISE website to see the full text of the Roots of the ARISE Educator that identifies what teachers will be cultivated to know, do, and improve.

Job Responsibilities & Expectations:
In addition to the Roots of the ARISE Educator, teachers are also required to:
- Attend and participate fully in twice-weekly Professional Development (one for Curriculum & Instruction, one for School Culture) and semi-annual retreats for school management and operations, decision-making, and conversations about students.
- Participate in professional development opportunities to develop skills and expand scope of curricular and instructional knowledge and understanding (including school-wide professional development retreats, critical inquiry group participation, opportunities with school partners, and outside individual professional development)
- Provide regular feedback to students about their progress, including completing quarterly progress reports
- Participate in weekly "Familia" grade level meetings to problem solve student issues
- Collaborate with teachers/peers to provide a consistent academic support system for all students
- Participate in peer observations with other teachers to heighten the effectiveness and experience of our community of teachers as learners
- Provide academic support outside of class to our students (e.g. tutoring, mentoring, homework
assistance, including two afternoons each week assisting with required study hall hours)
- Contribute to co-teaching a course during our Post Session semester (see website for more details)
- Advise a grade-level homogenous class of 16-18 students, including support towards fulfilling graduation requirements

As School Leaders:
- Fulfill particular leadership roles in school development, operations, and/or administration; e.g. internship coordinator, technology coordinator, data coordinator, advisory coordinator.
- Help the school realize its goals, mission, and vision.

Selection Process:
All candidates are asked to submit a resume and cover letter via email to Please visit our website prior to contacting us to become familiar with who we are, what we value, and why you may want to be a part of our community.

After the initial screening, potential candidates will be asked for the following:
- INTERVIEW: An interview by a panel of students and staff, including a problem solving component
around teacher-student relationship building
- TEACHING PORTFOLIO: A portfolio brought to the interview to include:
o Resume, lesson(s) or curriculum overview, sample of student work (multiple levels recommended), letter of recommendation from parent and/or student, letter of recommendation from a colleague or supervisor
o Additional elements may include rubrics, classroom handouts, articles, a letter of recommendation that you have written for a student in the past
- DEMONSTRATION LESSON: Candidates will be asked to do a demonstration lesson with some of our students.
- LESSON DEBRIEF: Candidates will participate in a lesson debrief in order for ARISE to assess for teacher coachability.

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