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Date: Wed, Jan 06, 2016 06:14 PM

Since 2002, Q-nomy has been developing, selling, and implementing software solutions that help organizations optimize the customer experience in their branches or stores.

Q-nomy’s vision is to make the most of every customer visit: more sales, greater customer satisfaction, and a better overall experience.

Q-nomy’s software tailors the individual experience of visiting the store or service center, from entrance to exit, to the customer’s personal background, expectations, and needs – and at the same time allows the business to use this experience as a platform for targeted multi-channel messaging and advertising.

Q-nomy’s solutions achieve optimization in many ways through:
• Appointment scheduling software
• Customer flow management
• Business process management
• Digital Signage
• Staff Optimization

Q-nomy’s solutions are typically:
• Efficient to customize, integrate, and run.
• Effective in achieving goals quickly.
• Innovative in the use of existing, as well as new technologies, to provide unique solutions for business needs.
• Modular, enabling a step by step approach to addressing numerous needs.

Q-nomy is an international corporation with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, Tel Aviv, and London, as well as partnerships in 20 other countries.

We are seeking a skilled, personable, and target-driven Project Manager to work with enterprise software solutions from our New York City office. This role will offer the successful candidate the ability to not only manage enterprise software projects, but also forge the Pre-Sales efforts.

Q-nomy uses a variety of tools with which to sell and present our solutions. The successful candidate must be able to master all these avenues: be it face-to-face, online, or on the phone. Strong and proven documentation and spoken language skills are a must.

The Enterprise Software Project Manager will be expected to build on all existing client relationships, and offer additional solutions. Working on RFPs and RFIs will be part of the compliment of tasks associated with the role.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is a skilled and experienced project manager, a natural born sales person, and has the drive and desire to build something great.

• Manage all aspects of diverse and complex enterprise software projects, including project planning, execution, timing, functionality, quality, and cost.
• Apply project management process and methodologies to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, adhere to high quality standards, and meet customer expectations.
• Mentor and assist all teams across departments and resolve any issues; ensure project goals and requirements are met.
• Track key project milestones and adjust project plans and/or resources to meet the needs of customers.
• Collaborate with application development providers, software vendors, and other niche solution providers, to ensure the best possible product for the customer.
• Manage customer relationships by providing stellar customer service and maintain effective communication.
• Perform customer needs assessments, evaluate operational benefits of solutions, and convey benefits and gains to customers.
• Design and deliver product/solution presentations to both current and potential customers.
• Respond to functional and technical questions regarding software and solutions.

• 4 years of programming experience
• 2+ years of experience managing enterprise software projects
• Excellent writing skills
• BA/BSC in IT or related field

Compensation is $80-$120K, and is commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Please send your resume and details about your experience on similar projects to

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