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Revamp your website in 48 hours

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Date: Mon, May 30, 2016 03:13 PM
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I run a web design agency called 48 Hour Designs. We specialize in Squarespace websites and have a turnaround time of only 48 hours.

Here are some samples of our work:
- [startup]
- [startup]
- [portfolio]

You can visit our website at

We Offer:
1. Beautiful websites - Take your online presence to the next level. Get a modern and professional website that complements your brand's aesthetic.

2. Responsive designs - Our websites are fully responsive, making them look pixel perfect across all devices (i.e. mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers).

3. Easy Maintenance - You don’t need to talk to an agency to make a simple change. Whether it’s updating an image or simply changing text, you are in complete control.

Why Us?
1. Hassle-Free Process - Save yourself from reviewing a dozen proposals and managing freelancers. Simply send us a link to your website and we’ll handle the rest.

2. Blazing Fast - Need your new site up and running ASAP? Get started today and receive a first draft of your redesigned website in 48 hours.

3. Transparent Pricing - Leave the complex fee structures aside. We offer a one-time, flat fee that's affordable to both businesses and individuals alike.

Check out what some of our clients have to say:
"48 Hour Designs helped take our website from amateur to professional with thoughtful consideration on every detail. The best part is that It only took a 15 min phone call and 1 email. This was one of the best customer experiences I've ever had!" -Parham Mirshahpanah, Operations, 2Forks

"48 Hour Designs was fast, efficient, and completely understood the design aesthetic I was going for. My website is clean and elegant, delivering the exact amount of information that I wanted." - Mariel Firmacion Santos, Founder, Miss Louise Bakes

"48 Hour Designs did a great job of making the whole experience very user-friendly for a busy sole founder. Thanks so much for making my website look amazing!” - Lilian Rafson, CEO, Pack Up + Go

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