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Graphic Artist wanted for mobile game

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Date: Sun, Nov 20, 2016 01:51 AM

I am looking for a computer graphic artist for a mobile gaming application. The ideal person would not be a professional, but instead be someone with some level of experience in creating simple, nice, original and clean looking computer art, with knowledge of implementing said art into a UI and app. This is a hobby/fun/passion project with no expectation of any financial success; realistically it'd be something one could put on a resume or in a digital portfolio. Experience with animations is a plus but not necessary.

If interested please contact me through this post, and we can meet up on Stanford campus to talk about it more in person. I am not currently planning on paying someone, but if you are interested in doing it for pay please contact me anyway. Note that I'd rather have someone join us for the experience and journey ("joining the team"), like we are, rather than simply for money.

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