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Senior Associate / Principal at Heroic VC -

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Date: Tue, May 30, 2017 03:04 PM

Heroic Ventures is an early stage venture fund based in downtown Menlo Park, California. Founded by proven high velocity startup entrepreneurs and CEOs, Heroic does both classic venture investing and formation investing.

2016 was Heroic’s first year. We have invested in more than 20 “first money in” startups since that time.

Heroic's deals have had significant leverage to date, with top venture brands following on or co-investing in our deals (with approximately 10X the capital Heroic has initially invested).

We are now hiring for a unique, high throughput, and high growth role.

You will be involved in three key areas of Heroic’s activities. All of these responsibilities are activities that the founders of Heroic Ventures do themselves today. This is a broad, material role in every respect.

1. Investing activities. You will be involved in sourcing, evaluating, and diligencing prospective venture investments, chiefly from Silicon Valley and Israel.

2. Operating activities. You will be directly involved in hands-on early stage operating for multiple operating companies in the Heroic portfolio. Indeed, depending on profile and fit, you may even be Acting CEO of one or more of these companies. Later on, you may transition to be a full-time CEO or senior executive in a portfolio company, depending on your appetite, fit, etc..

3. Fund operations. You will have broad responsibilities in a variety of key areas including investor relations, finance, etc.. You will prepare key investor relations materials and/or be directly involved in LP relationships, and you will supervise third party firms (legal, accounting, tax) to ensure smooth operations.

Please contact us directly at

In addition to a base salary, you will be eligible for upside including a) carry in the venture fund and b) equity positions in our formation investing portfolio companies.

Depending on your experience and seniority, your responsibilities may include direct relationship management with portfolio companies and LPs, more senior leadership (including CEO responsibilities) of formation investing portfolio companies, faster possible partnership track within the Heroic Fund family, etc..

The chief qualifications for this role include:

Highly motivated, high-throughput
Self-directed (everyone says it, but we mean it ;) )
Strong remote and in-person communications skill
Quantitative and analytical skill

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