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Date: Tue, Jun 06, 2017 02:21 PM

We need summer help!!!

The Behavioral Lab at the Graduate School of Business is a social psychology laboratory that conducts marketing and organizational behavior experiments for the faculty and doctoral students of the GSB. We are looking for some reliable and mature part-time help.

This could be a great position for a psych or hum bio major, or for anyone interested in human subjects research. Or anyone just looking for a job! :) We've had people from various other majors find the atmosphere here fun and interesting and stay with us until they graduate.

The support we need ranges from helping to run subjects in the lab, to coding video or text data, to data entry, and other things in-between. Your schedule will be built around your classes, and we're looking for a minimum of 10 hours per week. Over the summer you can do a lot more! You'd work typically on one project at a time, and over time you'd jump from one project to another, so it would never get boring. Evenings and weekends are available too, but not necessary. Punctuality and good email/text communication are paramount.

We pay $15/hr.

Our website:

Please send a resume and brief cover letter to the lab director, Nicholas Hall. We will schedule a time for an interview.

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