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Hire Mobile App Developers

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Date: Fri, Jun 30, 2017 03:21 AM
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AstraQube provides mobile application development solutions which helps you all operating system not to limited platforms at one place and affordable price. We have unparallel expertise in mobile application development for all platforms such as iPad, Android and iPhone etc.

AstraQube provides your business the power to magnify its presence in the market through an online platform. By means of your very own website and personalized App, your customers can reach out to you more exclusively. Our advanced business management system can be customized to your convenience and preference.

Technical Expertise & Tech Stack

1. Mean stack Technology - Node, Angular JS, REACT JS
2. Mobile (Android and iOS)
3. PHP, Python, CMS and eComm
4. Testing and Performance Automation
5. REACT JS and REACT Native

Few Clients we worked with -

1. (eComm Development and SEO)
2. (Meanstack Development)
3. (eComm Development and SEO)
4. (Development - Mobile App)
5. (Development - Mobile App, ERP, Web and Backend)
6. (Design and Development)
7. (Design and Development)
8. ; (Design and Development & Netsuite ERP Implementation)
9. (IoT - Meanstack development)
10. (Product development)
11. (IoT - Python, Backend Development)
12. (Technology Partner)
13. (REACT JS) Under development

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