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Website Design Needed

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Date: Wed, Dec 13, 2017 04:37 PM

I have some idea on how I want my website to look but I also would like your input and help on many of the aesthetics and functionalities as well. Please contact me at 7132808963 or at my email if you are interested.
Here is a brief overview of my website function. I will use it to promote a business that I have. The core of the business is case interview coaching, which is a special form of interview that allows people to get into the consulting industry. The business is twofold. One, I have a package of 12 videos that I would like to sell through my website. Two, I want my website visitors to be able to book an appointment for a live mock interview with me and some other experts.
My initial vision for the website is 6 pages, pretty simple.
1. Home page ( I need a subscription portal for my visitors to subscribe to me so I can send them articles and stuff)
2. About page
3. Ace the Case (my video package)
4. Interview coaching (scheduling an appointment)
5. Articles & Insights (where I can post blogs and articles)
6. Contact

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