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Need help with organizing email ASAP - will pay up to $100

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Date: Wed, Jun 20, 2018 09:19 PM

I have a Mac that I bought new in 2017. The screen saver picture is of Half Dome. I downloaded Parallels Desktop 13 Windows for Mac so I could have Microsoft Outlook. I need to accomplish the following things:
(1) have all my stanford emails be forwarded elsewhere for the purpose of archiving them
(2) be able to organize my inbox with rules (e.g. all messages from Canvas go to a folder I create called “Academic” and NOT in my main inbox)
(3) emails sent to my Stanford email address must show us as “unread,” not automatically “read” as they currently do
(4) all my Standord emails must be accessible in the email organization window that is used (right now they are all visible when I log in at but only 3 are appearing in Microsoft Outlook and new ones aren’t appearing in Apple Mail — they all need to be in one spot and the spot that I am using)

Must meet in person. If you can’t fix it, I will pay you $10 for trying. But please don’t waste my time if you’re guessing. I’ve spent $45+ and 10+ hours trying to figure it out myself and can’t afford to waste more resources in this endeavor. If you can fix it, you will probably be my favorite person in the world, and I will pay you $100 plus a bonus!

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