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Alumni Couple for Lady

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Date: Sat, Sep 01, 2018 11:29 AM

We’re an attractive young alumni couple living in the area. While we're a typical Bay Area AF/WM professional couple in many ways, we also enjoy indulging our sexy alter egos and are looking for the right lady to join us in doing so.

We absolutely enjoy traditional romance (dinners out, cooking together, wine tasting, hiking) just as much as what we'll call 'non-traditional' romance. Whenever possible we enjoy mixing the two. Mini-golf date night? Way more fun when you start making some high-stakes sexy bets. Fine dining? It wouldn't be a proper dinner without toys. Dominance (him) and submission (her) are a major theme in our bedroom fun and we enjoy a sexually charged power dynamic as a couple

Her: late 20s petite asian female with an exceptional figure. She's the cliche movie character who takes off her glasses and transforms from shy sweetheart to stunning sex bomb in the blink of an eye. She's artistic, sensual, submissive, and loves to please.

Him: early 30s, tall (over 6 foot) athletic white male. Clean-cut and well groomed. A gentleman outside the bedroom, he enjoys taking charge inside it. Making a girl squirm in the best possible way is his favorite game of control.

You: In shape, adventurous, and curious. You're down to grab drinks and see if there's real chemistry. You know we aren't looking for a polyamorous love triangle but do want to get to know us and share a connection outside the bedroom. It's friends-with-benefits; but with a couple ;-)

Us: We’re engaged and secure in our relationship but still don't want or need to put up with your drama. We're not in a hurry to meet tonight but we won't string it along either--our goal is to find the right partner and we're patient. We'd start with exchanging interests and establishing attraction (photos), then meeting up for drinks. If there's chemistry, we work from there.

Being alums we have careers to consider and will remain discreet until we’ve established a potential match. Careers = paychecks = dinner's on us so don't be shy! This is Stanford, not Craigslist, so do us proud! Respectful, serious enquiries please! Good luck to all.

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