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Looking for a cool roommate to fill up a 2 person apt

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Date: Sat, Oct 20, 2018 09:49 AM

I'm a chill Stanford undergrad who is moving off campus for visa reasons. I've been actively looking for places that are a) _very_ close to Stanford — not more than 10 min bike ride b) don't have a crazy landlord or strict rules c) are nice. Some of the places I found are 2BD (I've found one _really_ nice apt I'm checking out today for 1250/mo right off El Camino, super close to Stanford) and I figured I'd try to avoid getting unlucky and find someone cool to fill with the apt with.

I'm trying to find a young-ish roommate who fits a similar profile to me — in the sense that they're pretty relaxed, open to overnight guests and visitors, etc. I'm honestly not going to be around much, and I'm a pretty quiet guy, but just want the comfort of knowing I'm living with somebody who is a chill person... I've interacted with a lot of weirdly strict and borderline crazy people on here.

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