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Date: Thu, Nov 01, 2018 07:26 AM
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Read the whole thing and if it speaks to you, then respond.

I’ve noticed Stanford women are very focused, driven, and future minded. That’s amazing! But it often crosses my mind that the drawback to that world view is missing the fun of exploration and excitement, now. You will only have these carefree college years once. So why not live it up in every sense of the word? Calculating your future husbands earnings is great but if you don’t have the experience to be a good partner you will just end up as another statistic in the battle between love and divorce. You want to achieve but you aren’t looking at achieving personal centeredness and experiences that will make you the partner that Mr. Right actually wants forever.

Sure, you go to parties, and drink with friends your age. That is definitely fun. But where is the depth and meaning that helps you grow personally and romantically? You don’t need every relationship to be the one. Sometimes you just need to make out and be vulnerable in a safe and welcoming environment.

Relationships are complicated and we are all busy here with our goals. But the need for a real connection, tender loving touch, and a chance to grow through a relationship is very real and universally needed. Get the best of both worlds. I am not wanting to be the guy you introduce to your friends. More like the dirty secret that makes your friends ask why you are smiling so much. Maybe the man that taught you how to be your best self and didn’t shed more than a tear or two when you graduated.

If you are open minded, not hung up on looks or status, but want to be completely real in at least one area of your life... I’m similar and interested in connecting. You may find this is the best part of your college experience and the most fertile chance to truly grow up.

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