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Need help with python: data scrapping project

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Date: Sun, Dec 01, 2019 03:40 PM

Hi SU-Post,

I’m a grad student working on a project that should be pretty easy for someone with experience using Python for data scrapping.

I have a list of >100 venture capital firms and I’d like to scrape the names of their portfolio companies of I’d also like the scrape the names of the portfolio company founders and their headquarters - information which is also on crunchbase.

Some of this data is behind a paywall so I have a premium crunchbase account, to which I’d give you the password to do the work.

I anticipate this job should no more than 8 hours total; I’ll pay $50 an hour up to 8 hours. Because I’m rarely on campus it would be easiest to connect via zoom. I need this project done before Christmas if possible.

If you’re interested and believe yourself to be qualified, please email me with a resume and a paragraph or two on why you’re qualified, an description of a project you’ve done before that was similar, how difficult you think the project will be for you, any questions you have for me, and when you could expect to complete it. Serious inquiries only.

please do not message this poster about other commercial services