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Seeking responsible kid(s) on campus for casual dog sitting/walking!

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Date: Mon, Jan 13, 2020 05:38 PM
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Hi there! I'm a graduate student living in Studio 1 with my sweet and energetic pupper, Wendel. For the last year or so, Wennie would happily come to work with me but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. My department recently began enforcing a strict no-office-dogs policy and now poor Wen has to stay at home for much of the day. He's a sleepy dude who loves to watch tv, but retirement can get boring after a while.

That is hopefully where you (and potentially, your children) come in! We're essentially looking for a mutually beneficial playmate/light caretaking sort of situation for a few days a week. Ideally, this would be something like picking him up at my apartment (conveniently located opposite the family housing near Ray's), taking him for a walk and/or playtime, occasionally feeding him (if I have to stay late in the lab or something), and just generally hanging out with one of the cutest lil lover dogs you'll ever meet!

This could be a perfect after-school job or introduction to how to care for a pet, as I'm hoping to establish something steady and relatively long term! To be totally transparent, while I'm open to adults/other students caring for Wennie, I'd really love him to be with a kid for two reasons:
1. Both children and my dog have seemingly unlimited energy. Wennie loves zoomies, playing tug, fetch, exploring, and just excitedly following someone around for hours.
2. I'm a grad student and I can't afford doggy day care or dog sitting rates on apps like Rover (it's like $25/day minimum...) but I am able and willing to pay a fair "under the table" rate every week for a kid to make a little extra money! I am happy to negotiate this based on the days/times/responsibilities. :)

If this sounds like something your child/children may be interested in doing, please reach out to me and Wennie and we can all find a time to meet each other! I'm open to kids of any age, as long as they are trustworthy and responsible! He's a really easy-going guy who will fall in love with anyone who shows him affection and treats!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
- Sam and Wennie

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