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participate in microbiome research!

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Date: Mon, Mar 09, 2020 02:31 PM

How do the people and places around us shape our microbiomes? Stanford researchers are looking for healthy, cohabiting pairs of adults to participate in a study to examine the natural transmission dynamics of the human microbiome. Both romantic and platonic housemates are eligible to participate, as are undergraduate students who live in the same dorm room, suite, or house.

Participants will be asked to provide samples of their own microbiota (such as stool and saliva samples, and swabs from the skin, household surfaces, and pets) weekly through most of the study, and daily for up to three weeks. One participant in each pair may be asked to take a short course of the antibiotic ciprofloxacin to understand how disturbances shape microbiome transmission. We will also ask for information about diet, social contacts, and personal history.

Participants can receive their own microbiome data, as well as compensation of $150 for participants who do not undergo antibiotic treatment, and $250 for participants who do undergo antibiotic treatment.

For more information, visit, take our eligibility survey, or contact
For participant's rights questions, contact 1-866-680-2906.

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