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CS106A tutor - Current TA or Former TA

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Date: Tue, May 19, 2020 07:33 AM


I'd like to hire a tutor for a few hours in the next following weeks to review all of my assignments. I am not a student, but am auditing the class and want to make sure I'm understanding everything/that I am being efficient in the way I build my programs.

Tutoring sessions would consist of reviews of the style and structure of my code - and feedback for executing the assignments better the next time around.

We may also review how to fix a bug or two, but that would not be the primary focus of the tutoring.

I'm offering $35-40/hr for one hour per week. I'm asking for current or former TAs because I need someone who can explain things well. If you aren't a TA but have done really well in your CS classes and feel you are a good teacher, feel free to reach out anyway.

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