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Missed Connection: biking from the Gates bldg yesterday 1pm

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Date: Tue, Jan 23, 2007 04:01 AM

Hi. This is a missed connection post.

I saw you as I was biking from the Gates building towards the quad yesterday (Monday Jan 22) at about 1pm. You were kind of turning the corner from the stats building onto the sidewalk. I thought you were absolutely stunningly beautiful ... blond hair. I think you're a freshman. You know, I actually sat next to you in Wilbur dining hall about a week ago. Remember. You were about to go to that Justin Timberlake concert in San Jose. And, we talked about hip-hop dancing. You sort of showed off some hip-hop moves to your friends and me at the table. And, I told you about attending that Justin Timberlake concert in Paris a few years ago. I thought you were so sweet and energetic at that dinner that night. Amazing smile and seriously just so hot.

I couldn't find you on Facebook. So, I need you to message me through SUpost.

And, it's true that I'm an engineering graduate student. But, that's really not a problem. I've dated other undergraduate girls, and it was just fine. So, there's really nothing sketchy at all about it. I can provide references. I have a bunch on file at the CDC [ j/k :) ] So, just message me, and let's get together. Maybe we could meet up at Jamba Juice or on White Plaza sometime soon.

I know you know who you are. There's no need to be shy. Just send me a message.


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