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PC Tune UP Services

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Date: Thu, Apr 08, 2010 08:34 PM

posting this for a friend who used to work at Stanford IT Support... pls respond only to email addr below

PC Tune UP for $65.00

Is your PC/ acting sluggish? Tune-Up for $65

The System Tune-Up. We will speed up your machine, and verify you are clean and protected from virus/trojan infections. For only $65 you can't go wrong. Just respond to my email address:

Scheduled at your convenience, and perform a complete system tune-up, including:
Cleaning of temporary files/cache
Download and install latest updates for Windows
Update your anti-virus or replace it with a quality "free" one
Remove malware/trojans
Streamline start-up programs
Defragment hard disk

tcb computers

please do not message this poster about other commercial services